Hugs: The Countdown begins…

With the roadmap to summer 2021 shared with the general UK public, overseas trips and hotel bookings went through the roof. Unofficial countdowns and a myriad of social invites materisalising here and there, alongside the first showing of yet another confined spring. Going on walks to my local park, I am greeted by tiny furry […]

Identity – Chapter 2 (Movement)

While I was dreaming the follow-up to my chapter on identity, I kept looking for inspirational quotes by great dancers. They all made sense to me because I feel I say more dancing than I do when I speak. As I researched more and more, the initial idea of identity through movement via culture and […]

Slow: Work in Progress

When you look up the definition of “slow”, you come up with a number of synonyms: unhurried, leisurely, measured, moderate, deliberate, steady, easy, relaxed; but also sluggish, time-consuming, procrastinating, obtuse, dull, slow-moving, quiet. Reflect on that last one: quiet. Breathe it in like a fine wine or a morning-awakening coffee: quiet. How difficult it is […]