Identity – Chapter 2 (Movement)

While I was dreaming the follow-up to my chapter on identity, I kept looking for inspirational quotes by great dancers. They all made sense to me because I feel I say more dancing than I do when I speak. As I researched more and more, the initial idea of identity through movement via culture and […]

Slow: Work in Progress

When you look up the definition of “slow”, you come up with a number of synonyms: unhurried, leisurely, measured, moderate, deliberate, steady, easy, relaxed; but also sluggish, time-consuming, procrastinating, obtuse, dull, slow-moving, quiet. Reflect on that last one: quiet. Breathe it in like a fine wine or a morning-awakening coffee: quiet. How difficult it is […]

Nature reminds us to be resilient

Learning to be vulnerable seems to be a good path towards resourcefulness, and most importantly, resilience. Think, for instance, of weeds. Next time you go out and about, look out for weeds. Seriously! Weeds are often thought as unpleasant looking plants, creeping about, causing havoc in domestic settings – there are those who have many […]