Nature reminds us to be resilient

Learning to be vulnerable seems to be a good path towards resourcefulness, and most importantly, resilience. Think, for instance, of weeds. Next time you go out and about, look out for weeds. Seriously! Weeds are often thought as unpleasant looking plants, creeping about, causing havoc in domestic settings – there are those who have many instances of sore backs after ritually tearing weeds from driveways, never quite getting to its roots, always leaving something behind. But why are weeds undesired? Aren’t weeds simply plants out of place? Despite all our best efforts, weeds thrive in remarkable settings such as urban spaces. 

People, just like weeds, are sometimes out of place. Not wanted nor valued; not settled nor safe; not this nor that. Despite the uncertainty of it all, resilience kicks in, and thriving – not merely surviving – surfaces. 

Next time you go for a walk, open your eyes and observe the beauty around you. It might be a dainty but colourful plant by the riverside, dancing along with the breeze or maybe a tiny bit of velvety-green pillows with spring-like antennae sensing changes in the air and ready to pass on a message (this is how I imagine moss to be). Whatever it might be, stop, pay attention and take something in. Beauty comes in many guises and resilience is one of them. Just like a plant out of place, absolutely owning it in a tanda (more of that later) with the wind, this purple creature is elegant and steadfast, not losing its glorious yet delicate petals: resilient, strong, present.

It’s something we can all learn from taking notice. We might not immediately think we have that quality but we do. It may come at insufferable and painful times but it comes. It may come slow, it may come fast but it’s there.

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