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  • MMXX – The Gone Off The Rails Year

    30th Dec 2020 by

    If life were a busy train station, and you were stood still on the platform, unable to move – not an inch, not a centimetre – thoughts of personal failures come flooding back in. “Why didn’t I leave sooner?”, “Why didn’t I say this or that?”, “Why didn’t I…?” “Why did I..?” Why, oh why… Read more

  • September’s Unburdenings

    22nd Sep 2020 by

    As I step outside for my early morning run, there is a certain chillness about. The air is now crispy and misty, and it can only mean one thing: September is here so summer must leave. Colours are changing, nights are drawing in and your body is feeling tired. One day at a time and… Read more

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