Hello, this is me!

A brief introduction about me and my writing…Click on this post and keep reading to find out more.

For a very long time, I daren’t write down my thoughts that remained locked up in this busy mind of mine. I held, and possibly still hold, this belief that thoughts ought to be kept safe away from prying eyes and I would be safe too. Over time, this lead to wants and wishes also being locked up in that mighty tower, slowly losing their vibrant energy to do wonders to the world! 
I have always been aware of the powers of thoughts because once they are released and settled on to paper or floating in the air, they will impact, either by crushing or lifting. Thoughts, wants and wishes, as if by magic, turn into words and these turn into action and reaction. Words have power so they must be chosen carefully; words hold some degree of truth – it is the writer/speaker who decides which truth is to be propagated. As readers and listeners, these words, these truths (at various degrees of truthfulness) are the essence of our societies and cultures – for the good, the bad and the ugly.

From my side, I hope my choice of words will impact positively. Everything from tango and its therapeutic effects to tidbits of my journey into self-discovery. Stay tuned, something will come out of it. Eventually. Hopefully.

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